Psychological Assessment Service for Personnel Selection, Career Planning and Organisational Development


Mindfindr illustrates the suitability of applicants for different professions and occupations on various educational levels. The personality, relative strengths in skills and competences as well as the leadership potential of the participant are also described in the report.

Personnel development

Mindfindr facilitates personnel training and coaching by lifting up developmental challenges and unused potential in personnel while indicating suitable paths of continuation training and relocation for persons going through transitional periods.

Managing personnel risks

Mindfindr helps to minimize risks and costs caused by unfavourable selection decisions, leadership problems and other adverse effects in organizations. Mindfindr may also be integrated as a complement into any assessment center solution.


Mindfindr Assessment Solution

Instant real-time reporting! Mindfindr is easy to use, readily deployable and easily purchased online. The service is instantly accessible and ready to use upon purchase when using payment card as means of payment, the procedure enabling conducting first evaluations in 30 minutes.

Order Mindfindr!

There are no overhead costs for deploying the service, only the fee at 5 € per a successfully completed test.

  • 1. Create a test

    Start by choosing among the long occupation list the title of profession, occupation or position of interest so as to enable comparison of suitability scores among applicants or testees. For coaching or training purposes ranking may not always be necessary.

  • 2. Invite participants to the test

    Mindfindr dispatches the invites by email to specified participants. Alternatively Mindfindr account owner may invite participants using anonymous codes. Participant lists may also be produced from other data registers or information reservoirs of the organization to dispatch invites.

  • 3. Utilize the report

    Individual test results are available immediately upon the completion of the test by each test participant. The report includes e.g. a description of the personality and relative strengths in competences and skills of the testee besides the suitability score for a specified or any other profession of occupation of interest.


Mindfindr assessment solution

Mindfindr is a web-based psychological test solution, which provides information for decision-making in personnel selection and training.

The service covers a large pool of positions and occupations compatible with ISCO. Additionally Mindfindr offers competence profile assessments defined with clients to meet their specific needs.

  • Allowing client organisations to manage tests, invite participants and utilise reports
  • Suitable for large-scale recruitment, pre-screening and planning for interview purposes
  • Including instructions and interpretations for effective facilitation of the assessment reports
  • Can be connected to the organisations' recruitment software with an easy to implement API
  • Mindfindr method is based on over 10 years of pragmatic research and development

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Mindfindr produces a position specific estimate with a general characterisation of suitability and a personality description. The system presents also a ranking of work-related competences and leadership potential estimates for the assessed with notions that may call for special attention.

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Mindfindr ranks the applicants according to specific assessment criteria based on the competences required in the position or occupation. In addition to a suitability score Mindfindr presents a written depiction of suitability and potential related notions.

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The service yields a list of professions, occupations or positions suitable for the participants based on their overall profiles.


Get all this for five euros per test participant. The cost-effective service allows your organization to screen and assess more applicants or coach your personnel.


Order Mindfindr!

No setup charges, pay only for the completed tests.





Please contact us if you need further information about the service. We can arrange a meeting where we can discuss your organisation's needs and possible solutions.

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