General leadership tendency

The multifaceted concept of leadership is transforming. Swift changes in economic and occupational structures have led some to maintain that the whole idea of leadership is becoming obsolete and outmoded in the information age. It is true that in many sectors leaders and managers may not have practical command, let alone mastery over the tasks of teams and groups they are supposed to lead.

These changes take place in many positions where irrespective of the level of expertise of the employees their tasks require making decision not only about substance matter of work but also on economic resource allocation. However, in many security related organizations as well as in the production and construction sectors traditional leadership principles still apply today.

The changes mean that the concepts of leadership, management and expertise overlap to a great extent, and the boundaries between the levels of duties, responsibilities, authority and powers to make decisions are not clear cut in those domains.

The Mindfindr leadership analyses cover three different levels. Mindfindr basic reports provide respondents with general leadership indices that describe their general leadership potential on a five-level scale.

General leadership indices produced by Mindfindr roughly predict to what extent respondents might succeed in and find meaningful functioning in leadership positions when understood in the traditional sense, thus covering also such activities as planning, decision-making as well as monitoring and supervising activities.

Different personalities may have potential for natural leadership, which is a somewhat distinct capacity from more formally defined leadership roles. These persons may apply their leadership competencies outside working life, in the field of hobbies and in various temporary roles, while not necessarily wishing to take on formal duties related to regular leadership positions.

The leadership index is based on a person's temperamental mode of action that affects the likelihood of assuming responsibilities and the readiness to influence others' actions also in new and unexpected situations. Besides the basic personality of a person, competencies, skills and the motivation to take charge in practise affect the leadership index given in a Mindfindr report.

When considering one's suitability for and interest in assuming leadership roles it is worth taking into account the leadership types and styles described in extended Mindfindr reports, besides the general leadership index that has the above mentioned reservations in its interpretation, as persons with minimal or very mild leadership tendencies may have traits and competencies that make them good coaches or developmental leaders.

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