Position and occupation specific suitability

The Mindfindr service provides the respondent with suitability listings that are on the one hand based on the information about the personality, competencies and work styles brought up in the test. On the other hand, the competence requirements and features of various positions as defined in the ISCO categorization system and in Holland's RIASEC occupational interest model affect to what extent the test results meet those criteria.

When used to facilitate career planning the respondent might find it useful to take up the report results for discussion with his or her vocational guidance counsellor, teacher or coach to consider what educational level to set one's aim at. This entails taking into account practical resources besides motivation.

Mindfindr categorizes occupations and positions on seven different levels according to typical formal training requirements of the positions (No formal training...academic continuation training).

When a Mindfindr report is used to facilitate recruitment processes or in a person's own profession-specific career planning it is important to note that a particular suitability figure estimates the suitability of the person for that position only. The individual may function very well in other occupations and positions even though the suitability score for the position under consideration was moderate or low.

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