The Mindfindr leadership analyses cover three different levels. Mindfindr basic reports provide respondents with general leadership indices that describe their general leadership potential on a five-level scale.

When considering one's suitability for and interest in assuming leadership roles it is worth noting that this general leadership index has reservations in its interpretation. Persons with minimal or very mild general leadership tendencies may have traits and competencies that make them for instance good coaches, experts or developmental leaders.

Extended Mindfindr reports include leadership type and leadership style descriptions. The four leadership types are process leadership, results-oriented leadership, developmental leadership and change leadership. The third level further refines a respondent's leadership style showing the relative strength of eight different leadership styles that are illustrated with graphs and definitions.

A respondent may utilize the report to further develop oneself as a leader or an expert. In organizational usage reports help to develop, recruit and allocate human resources optimally. At the topmost level in organizations reports facilitate planning executive coaching processes and support in sharing responsibilities and defining roles in executive boards.

The leadership types and styles described and illustrated in extended Mindfindr reports may be concisely defined as follows:

Process leaders upkeep and facilitate practical operations close to people

Results-oriented leaders pay attention to concrete results and efficiency

Developmental leaders facilitate the development of people and practises

Change leaders create and implement strategies based on analysis

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