The Mindfindr work style framework covers 10 different work styles that are defined and illustrated in tables and graphs in extended reports. These descriptions may be used to consider to what extent a person’s practical work style preferences match the requirements and concrete circumstances of the posts of interest. While based on the personality, competences and preferences of the respondent, the ten work styles describe the person’s optimal sphere of work activities and tasks concretely.

The work styles show in practise in the following ways:

Adaptability and flexibility mean that a person is able to adapt his or her activities to match the concrete requirements of different work situations and accepts unexpected changes in work arrangements without that affecting performance or implementation of tasks overly negatively.

Innovativeness and creativity show in a person’s ability to approach problems creatively from fresh perspectives. Innovative and creative persons create arts and come up with new business ideas, products and services.

Analytical and critical thinking refers to a person’s capacity to interpret numerical and statistical data practically, argument rationally and produce comprehensible analyses of abstract problems.

Resilience and stress tolerance enable a person to function under stressful conditions and strict time constraints, and allow the person to bounce back from these stressors. Resilient persons relate positively to new challenges.

Emotional competence shows in a person’s ability to adapt one’s behavior to positively match emotionally demanding social situations. Emotionally competent persons are actively empathetic and understanding towards people in difficulties.

Initiative and enterprise show in an ability to actively present ideas and plans for others’ consideration and in readiness to launch projects and invest one’s own time and other resources to further these endeavours.

Interpersonal skills enable a person to act in a conciliatory manner in awkward situations. Interpersonal skills also show in an ability to start conversations with different kinds of people, making them readily feel at home.

Influence and persuasiveness show in a person’s readiness to make decisions and assume leadership in various situations. People around will often comply with the summons of these influential persons, deeming them as natural leaders and role models.

Reliability and trustworthiness entail that a person behaves according to expectations, duly implements agreed tasks and deals pertinently with confidential information.

Punctuality and rigor show in a person’s ability to keep his or her surroundings tidy and things in order. Punctual persons will arrive in time for meetings and finalize their tasks to the detail.

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