The success and efficiency of an organization are partly determined by its ability to allocate right kind of resources optimally so as to serve set goals. Related to this primary target is the challenge of defining the resources required to reach the set goals as efficiently as possible. Seen from a wider perspective, analysing, understanding and defining the operative business environment as well as the organization’s inner structure form the context and a starting point of personnel development.

However, should an organization lack a long-run personnel strategy, the organizational personnel structure may be formed by reactions to changes in situational factors rather than a well-based strategic design.

Mindfindr is a toolkit designed to help organizations develop their personnel scientifically while focusing on human potential. With the use of evaluations offered by Mindfindr an organization may conduct operative and strategic HR-planning and decision making on the basis of a comprehensive overview of the personnel’s strengths and challenges. A real-time overview will facilitate the planning and implementing of measures required to reach goals set for the future by the organization.

The Mindfindr service allows the personnel of an organization first to take individual tests yielding individual results reports. Information thus gathered will then be used to produce an Organization Report. Mindfindr utilizes psychometrically sound instruments that are combined with cutting edge net technology solutions.

The processes of data gathering and analysis as well as reporting of results to test-takers and organizations are automatized. The savvy technological solutions offer organizations up-to-date, high-quality HR-service solutions retaining competitive cost-efficiency.


Being able to access and analyze the personal strength structure of an organization will further the aims of both employees and organizations.

Benefits to employees

  • Increasing self-understanding
  • Defining team roles
  • Understanding work behavior, strengths and challenges
  • Self-development

An individual results report.

Benefits to organizations

  • Understanding personnel structures
  • Understanding team and group structures
  • Defining the strengths and challenges in the organization
  • Spotting competence gaps
  • Defining recruiting needs
  • Development of organizations and personnel

A report depicting the above features of an organization in tables and graphs.


Mindfindr offers following information to organizations and employees:

  • Personality
    A general description of the respondent’s personality, organizational structures
  • Competences
    Persons’ relative competence strengths and organizational competence gaps
  • Work behavior
    Fit between persons’ work styles and work-related tasks
  • Team work styles and roles
    Fit between tasks and team roles, team structures and gaps therein
  • Leadership
    Leadership and managerial inclination estimates, leadership types and styles
  • Occupation and profession specific suitability estimates
    Suitability estimates at different training requirement levels


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